Wellness Program

Woodland Care Center offers positive and stimulating ways for you to continue living your life with meaning and purpose. Our activities focus on engagement of body, mind and spirit, and are for people who choose to pursue their dreams in an engaging social environment.


Our activities include a year-round event schedule for celebration of the holidays as well as many life enrichment activities like group outings and community involvement. Be sure to pick up a Calendar of events upon your visit with us at Woodland Care Center. We would be honored to have you at our next event!

Sample Events Calendar

Wellness Programs

At Woodland Care Center we are focused on 360 degrees of your health. We know that you have worked hard to get to where you are today, that is why we offer guided wellness programs for your mind-body health. Join our trained exercise coordinators for a range of physical based instruction. We tailor our programs to be as inclusive as possible. Offering regular group classes from stretching to aerobics and all that is between!