COVID-19 Update – 4/3/2023

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        The Secretary of Health has announced that the mask mandate will be ending on April 3, 2023. While this order is ending, individuals in long-term care facilities, including residents, staff, and visitors, must continue to follow Department of Health (DOH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance.

Due to the vulnerability of our residents we are still requiring all staff to wear a mask and requesting that all visitors wear a mask while in the building. We are no longer requiring residents to wear masks; however we do encourage them to wear masks while out of their rooms.  Our facility will still follow infection control guidance per the Department of Health and CDC.  If a COVID outbreak occurs all persons, including residents, will be wearing source control masks. All new admits to our facility will still be under observation for ten days and also have routine testing for COVID during that time.

If residents become symptomatic, they will be in quarantine and tested routinely. Our policy for all persons who become positive for COVID is to isolate for ten days. We are asking that all visitors follow this policy as well. We will be happy to set up alternate visitation (ex. virtual visits) during times of isolation. If a resident becomes positive for COVID, they are still allowed to have visitors. Visitors will be asked to follow our infection control policies and any supplies needed (mask, gown, etc.) will be supplied. It is best practice to stay out of the building if you are not feeling well.  There are many contagious illnesses which are potentially life threatening to our residents.

The best protection against COVID is to stay up to date with your vaccinations. If you have any questions about how to access COVID vaccines, please call our facility and speak to our Infection Preventionist, Stephanie.

Thank you to all for helping keep our residents safe and healthy!

The Woodland Care Center Team


We have 1 positive resident so that means we are in outbreak status. 

Residents will remain in rooms for meals, but can attend socially distanced activities. No group activities that include eating or drinking at this time. We are still allowing visitors at this time, but will notify them of our current resident positive so they are aware.

COVID Update – 5/26/22

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The remaining WAL residents tested negative today (5/26).  It has been four days since the last positive.  We need to go a minimum of 10 days with no new positives and then the residents’ quarantine will end.  We will have to continue testing for two weeks with no new positives before resident testing can end.  So as of right now, if there are no new positives then quarantine will end on June 1st and communal dining and activities could resume on June 2nd.  Testing will continue until June 6th.

COVID Updates

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We have 3 active resident  cases of COVID in our assisted living facility and two positive staff members. We are conducting resident and staff testing at this time and will give updates to status of spread and
quarantine procedures to families and residents. As for now, we have continued to keep our activities and dining room areas closed and moved those to 1-1 in rooms.

Should you have any questions feel free to reach out to a member of our staff and we’ll be happy to give you more information.