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Updates on COVID Results

Dear respected family and community members,

It is our responsibility, in the interest of your safety and resident safety, to inform you of a positive test result using our antigen machine. This machine has been known to produce false-positives, so we’ve followed up with additional PCR testing that will confirm or refute the findings.

Testing on 10/6/20 produced one staff positive result.

We are now in the process of testing all residents. Updates of the results will be posted.

For now, the person who’s tested positive and all exposed to that person have been notified and will quarantine accordingly.

We are working diligently to keep residents safe and will not give up in our fight to protect and keep everyone safe. All PPE usage and sanitation measures are being tracked and strictly adhered to.

Should you have any concerns or questions please contact:

Stephanie Smith – Infection Preventionist (360) 225-9443 ext 244

Jennifer Lennox –  Director of Nurses (360) 225-9443 ext 215

Justin Settlemier – Administrator (360) 225-9443 ext 224

Thank you for your patience as we combat this virus. Your concerns are ours as well, let’s work together to keep everyone safe.