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Kelsey March

Hello! My name is Kelsey March and I am the Payroll/ Human Resources/ Accounts Payable Director and Benefits Coordinator here at Woodland Care Center. I originally moved here from Huntington Beach, California in 1992. I reside in the tiny but comfortable little town of Cougar, which is a 30-minute drive up the Lewis River from work. I have had multiple jobs and experiences in the past which have all led me to my career here at WCC. I began working for the company in March of 2013 as a part-time dishwasher, the company then had the urgent need for a cook. As I had cooked in the past doing short-order work and as a substitute in the kitchens of Woodland Public Schools I saw the opening as an opportunity to advance. I took the position as the full-time morning cook in our kitchen, and from there, a Central Supply and Medical Records job opened up. In my previous career, I was the Retail Distribution Manager at Mr. Formal Tuxedos. I had to supply all of the retail items in 62 stores which spanned over 6 states. That experience led to our Administrator’s hand-picking me out of the kitchen to take over Central Supply and become the NAC Staffing Coordinator. After doing that for a few years the company needed a Human Resources Director and I was brought over to the Business Office. I have learned that the more that you know here the more jobs they give you! My favorite part about working here is how small and close-knit everyone is, I enjoy coming in with my co-workers and residents, they are my second family! I have two little boys who are my entire world. I recently have taken up coaching my little guys in baseball which gives me much joy. In my spare time (haha) I enjoy Baseball, Football, Traveling, Being Outdoors, and spending every second I can loving my boyfriend and sons.