Julie Porter

“Be kind to everyone you meet. You don’t know the hard battle they may be
fighting.” “ The glass is always half full”

Julie is our Life Enrichment Coordinator at Woodland Assisted Living. She loves
helping those in their golden years and being a senior cheerleader!

Getting older can be a very big stressor in a person’s life. Her easy going
personality and positive attributes allow the residents to find comfort in their
environment. Her focus is enrichment. She hopes to enrich the lives of others so
in turn they will enrich the lives of their family and friends. She is more than a
Activity Director, more than a Social Worker and more than a Resident
Coordinator. She wears many hats!

She has spent the majority of her career working in the nursing industry. Out of
high school she trained and worked as a CNA for the Frontier Skilled nursing
facility in Longview, WA. She also worked in activities, social services and
admissions at Northwest Continuum another long term/skilled facility in
Longview, WA.

She was then given an opportunity to join the Frontier again but this time as an
Activity Manager. Years later she was promoted to Social Worker of the Kaiser
and long term wings. As a social worker she worked with residents who planned
to discharge home after their skilled nursing and therapy. During the discharge
process she would order medical equipment for the residents. This is what
interested her in spending the next 7 years as an customer service
representative selling and billing medical equipment. Last but not least she is
here at our Assisted Living doing what she does best.

Julie welcomes you to come see her and join in the festivities. Make sure to bring
your sense of humor. “ Laughter is the best medicine.”