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Information On Positive COVID Tests

It has been our responsibility to test all staff weekly and during our most recent testing cycle we’ve had two staff members whose results indicate positive Covid-19 results.

Justin Settlemier, Administrator

It is our primary goal to keep all residents and staff safe during this outbreak.

Our goal is to minimize any transfer of the disease in the building and we have taken steps to ensure personal safety including isolation precaution, testing of all residents, use of PPE, and communication with all families and attending physicians for any new symptoms and protocol monitoring.

This will disrupt our normal process of admitting new patients and family visitation to the building and resident’s phased reopening abilities for at least two weeks.

All staff members that have tested positive have been quarantined in their homes until test results are negative and they are not presenting any symptoms, in which case they can return to work.

Positive cases are being reported to local and state agencies and those affected are quarantined until it’s determined that their test results are negative and no symptoms are present.

It is our goal to make sure this outbreak is as limited as possible and that all residents and staff remain fully protected against the spread of Covid-19.

Window visits with closed windows and skype/zoom/facetime calls are still appropriate and our staff will assist with these using proper sanitization, PPE, and social distancing techniques.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call at 360-225-9443 and ask for the following staff:

Stephanie Smith – Infection Preventionist/Staff Development Coordinator

Jennifer Lennox- Director of Nursing

Justin Settlemier-Administrator

For additional resources, please visit cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html

It’s normal to feel anxious about these cases, but we are prepared and ready to make sure all necessary steps are being taken and safety is the highest priority.


Justin Settlemier, NHA