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We have 1 positive resident so that means we are in outbreak status. 

Residents will remain in rooms for meals, but can attend socially distanced activities. No group activities that include eating or drinking at this time. We are still allowing visitors at this time, but will notify them of our current resident positive so they are aware.

COVID Update – 5/26/22

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The remaining WAL residents tested negative today (5/26).  It has been four days since the last positive.  We need to go a minimum of 10 days with no new positives and then the residents’ quarantine will end.  We will have to continue testing for two weeks with no new positives before resident testing can end.  So as of right now, if there are no new positives then quarantine will end on June 1st and communal dining and activities could resume on June 2nd.  Testing will continue until June 6th.

COVID Updates

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We have 3 active resident  cases of COVID in our assisted living facility and two positive staff members. We are conducting resident and staff testing at this time and will give updates to status of spread and
quarantine procedures to families and residents. As for now, we have continued to keep our activities and dining room areas closed and moved those to 1-1 in rooms.

Should you have any questions feel free to reach out to a member of our staff and we’ll be happy to give you more information.

Covid Update 3/4/2022


Dear Residents and Families,                             

There have been many updates in restrictions for long term care and assisted living. Some of the changes that have occurred are in regards to visitation. Right now there are no restrictions to visitations.  This means:

  • No age restriction for visitors
  • No appointment is needed for visits.
  • Visitors may visit at any time.
  • Visits are allowed in residents’ rooms, including shared rooms (with the roommate’s permission). If the roommate does not want additional visitors in their room, then an area will be provided for visits.
  • All visitors will still need to wear a mask and socially distance from all staff and other residents.
  • Visitors will be allowed to eat with residents in the resident’s room. Visitors will not be able to dine in communal dining areas. If you need a larger area than the resident’s room, let us know and an alternate area will be provided.
  • Residents who are in quarantine may still have visitors.
  • If the facility is in outbreak status, visitors will still be allowed in the building, after initial outbreak testing has occurred.
  • All visitors will be notified if the facility is in outbreak status or if the resident is in quarantine.
  • All visitors will still be screened upon entry into the building.
  • If a visitor has tested positive for COVID-19, they will not be allowed to visit until 10 days after initial onset of symptoms or testing positive.
  • If a visitor has been exposed and they are not up-to-date with their COVID vaccine, then they will not be allowed to visit for 10 days after exposure. (Please see attached for information regarding up-to-date status).

When visiting the facility during the hours of 5:30AM and 6PM, all visitors will need to check in at the 4th street entrance (Assisted Living side). All other times (6PM-5:30AM) visitors will need to go to the 3rd street entrance (Care Center side) and ring the doorbell for assistance. If the facility notices an increase in visitors or issues with needed space for visits, we will notify families and residents about the possibility of scheduling visits. So far there has not been an issue and we do not anticipate issues. If you plan to visit on a holiday it might be a good idea to call ahead, but at this time that is not required. We are excited for our residents to enjoy visits with fewer restrictions.

Resident quarantines have been updated as well. The only times a resident will need to quarantine, in regards to COVID are:

  • If a resident is exposed to COVID and they are not up-to-date with their COVID vaccine, they will need to quarantine for 10 days.
  • If a resident is positive, they will need to quarantine for 10 days from symptom onset or date positive, if asymptomatic.
  • New admissions will need to quarantine for 10 days if they are not up-to-date with their COVID vaccine.

Please notify the facility if you become positive for COVID or symptomatic within 72 hours of visiting our facility.

Masks will still be required in healthcare settings, even when they are no longer mandated in the community. We thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and dedication to keeping our residents safe.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Thank you,

Your friends and family at Woodland Care Center and Assisted Living