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Assisted Living in Battleground

Battle Ground, Washington, is only 25 minutes away from Woodland Care Center and is located in Clark County right off of I-5. The community lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains offering scenic views, wonderful landscapes, and mild weather. Battle Ground is a quiet community, making for a perfect place for visitors to come and relax between the alluring parks and trails to the wine tasting with warm atmosphere.

Ironically, Battle Ground is named after a battle that never ended up happening. Its peaceful history precedes itself and the land is a fine opportunity for a picnic or hike.

Lewisville Regional Park is considered Battle Ground’s flagship park. It’s 158-acres has a simple 2.8 mile trail that roams through its forests and meadows along the Lewis river. Featuring a large amount of amenities including 13 rentable shelters, 17 barbecue grills, and 147 picnic tables, and many more, the park is great for outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, picnicking with plenty of playgrounds and open spaces. There is a small parking fee and besides the rentable shelters, the rest of the park is free. Be sure to go over the park rules to respect others using the park and for those who provide maintenance to keep the park as beautiful as it is.

Another notable, Lake State Park is lovely park to spend some time in. Same activities but fewer amenities highlighting 5 miles of biking trails, 10 miles of hiking trails, and 5 miles of horse trails.

Besides its outdoors, Battle Ground is known for its vineyards and wine tasting. While their wine is divine and the meals are ideal, it’s the people that make it real. The vineyards/restaurants bring you in with their food and drink but it is the warm and intimate atmosphere that will make and come back. A few restaurants in Battle Ground feature live music and friendly service, making it easy to sit back and enjoy yourself.

Battle Ground makes for a calming day trip, away from the business of larger cities and offers a friendly atmosphere curated by its community.