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COVID-19 Update – 4/3/2023

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        The Secretary of Health has announced that the mask mandate will be ending on April 3, 2023. While this order is ending, individuals in long-term care facilities, including residents, staff, and visitors, must continue to follow Department of Health (DOH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance.

Due to the vulnerability of our residents we are still requiring all staff to wear a mask and requesting that all visitors wear a mask while in the building. We are no longer requiring residents to wear masks; however we do encourage them to wear masks while out of their rooms.  Our facility will still follow infection control guidance per the Department of Health and CDC.  If a COVID outbreak occurs all persons, including residents, will be wearing source control masks. All new admits to our facility will still be under observation for ten days and also have routine testing for COVID during that time.

If residents become symptomatic, they will be in quarantine and tested routinely. Our policy for all persons who become positive for COVID is to isolate for ten days. We are asking that all visitors follow this policy as well. We will be happy to set up alternate visitation (ex. virtual visits) during times of isolation. If a resident becomes positive for COVID, they are still allowed to have visitors. Visitors will be asked to follow our infection control policies and any supplies needed (mask, gown, etc.) will be supplied. It is best practice to stay out of the building if you are not feeling well.  There are many contagious illnesses which are potentially life threatening to our residents.

The best protection against COVID is to stay up to date with your vaccinations. If you have any questions about how to access COVID vaccines, please call our facility and speak to our Infection Preventionist, Stephanie.

Thank you to all for helping keep our residents safe and healthy!

The Woodland Care Center Team

Updates on COVID Results

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Dear respected family and community members,

It is our responsibility, in the interest of your safety and resident safety, to inform you of a positive test result using our antigen machine. This machine has been known to produce false-positives, so we’ve followed up with additional PCR testing that will confirm or refute the findings.

Testing on 10/6/20 produced one staff positive result.

We are now in the process of testing all residents. Updates of the results will be posted.

For now, the person who’s tested positive and all exposed to that person have been notified and will quarantine accordingly.

We are working diligently to keep residents safe and will not give up in our fight to protect and keep everyone safe. All PPE usage and sanitation measures are being tracked and strictly adhered to.

Should you have any concerns or questions please contact:

Stephanie Smith – Infection Preventionist (360) 225-9443 ext 244

Jennifer Lennox –  Director of Nurses (360) 225-9443 ext 215

Justin Settlemier – Administrator (360) 225-9443 ext 224

Thank you for your patience as we combat this virus. Your concerns are ours as well, let’s work together to keep everyone safe.


Assisted Living in Portland

Portland and Mt Hood

One of Woodland Care Center’s many perks is the accessibility to the great list of towns and cities close to it, including Oregon’s largest city, Portland! Portland has been growing at a rapid rate with a great influx of new residents the past few years, and for good reason. If you are feeling in the mood to get in the middle of the city hustle and bustle, Portland is 40 minutes away from the Woodland Care Center and has a seemingly endless list of things to do for everyone.


Portland is known for its incredible food selection all over the city. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime in between or a food cart, casual or high-end sit-down, you are bound to find somewhere with great food.

Division Street, or also known as Restaurant Row, is home to some of Portland’s best (also more expensive) restaurants where there will always be a new place to try with great food. On Alberta street, you can see a variety of restaurants while perusing an art walk on every last Thursday of the month. For a classic Portland restaurant experience, you can’t go wrong with Kerns street, one of the origins of Portland’s food culture. These are just a few areas with many more around the city.

Parks & Hikes

Now, after you have eaten and couldn’t stop yourself from getting a little bit more.. robust (we don’t blame you) and are feeling like you might need some exercise, Portland is home to many beautiful parks and hikes in and around the city.

Washington Park is home to some of Portland’s highest ranked attractions. From the beautiful array of roses of the Rose Garden you can take a short walk to the Japanese Garden, the Zoo is a rock’s throw away, and it is a fantastic place for a picnic. If you are spending time in Downtown Portland, there are plenty of small parks littered throughout the city where you can sit on a bench and watch the world go by. Forest Park is a popular location with short easy-to-navigate trails or if you are feeling more adventurous, there are longer and more intense trails which you can spend the whole day hiking. Again, this is just a short list of the many parks around the city.

Events & Shows

With great venues such as the Moda Center, Crystal Ballroom, and the Waterfront there are always shows and events to attend.

Portland’s premiere sports team, the Portland Trail Blazers is the city’s NBA team where they will play 41 games at the Moda Center beginning in October, ending in April and if the Blazers are good enough the playoffs continue into May so there are plenty of opportunities to experience the highest level of basketball coupled with a great atmosphere.
If you are looking to attend a small or large concert, you can find artists across any genre performing at the Moda Center, Crystal Ballroom, or the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater to just name a few. Be sure to look up who is playing when and where ahead of time before tickets sell out or for the best prices.

Portland’s Waterfront is home to some of the greatest fairs and festivals around. Wanting to do some beer tasting? Then Portland’s Beer Festival is for you, showcasing a great selection of beer from the best microbreweries around town. One of Portland’s best events, filled with good vibes, is the Blues Festival. It has food, drinks, and hosts multiple stages with new, up and coming, and popular blues bands all day, all weekend.

Whether you are making a spontaneous day trip, planning to attend an event, or just want to go out for a bite to eat, you can expect to enjoy yourself when out and about in Portland.

Assisted Living in Battleground

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Battle Ground, Washington, is only 25 minutes away from Woodland Care Center and is located in Clark County right off of I-5. The community lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains offering scenic views, wonderful landscapes, and mild weather. Battle Ground is a quiet community, making for a perfect place for visitors to come and relax between the alluring parks and trails to the wine tasting with warm atmosphere.

Ironically, Battle Ground is named after a battle that never ended up happening. Its peaceful history precedes itself and the land is a fine opportunity for a picnic or hike.

Lewisville Regional Park is considered Battle Ground’s flagship park. It’s 158-acres has a simple 2.8 mile trail that roams through its forests and meadows along the Lewis river. Featuring a large amount of amenities including 13 rentable shelters, 17 barbecue grills, and 147 picnic tables, and many more, the park is great for outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, picnicking with plenty of playgrounds and open spaces. There is a small parking fee and besides the rentable shelters, the rest of the park is free. Be sure to go over the park rules to respect others using the park and for those who provide maintenance to keep the park as beautiful as it is.

Another notable, Lake State Park is lovely park to spend some time in. Same activities but fewer amenities highlighting 5 miles of biking trails, 10 miles of hiking trails, and 5 miles of horse trails.

Besides its outdoors, Battle Ground is known for its vineyards and wine tasting. While their wine is divine and the meals are ideal, it’s the people that make it real. The vineyards/restaurants bring you in with their food and drink but it is the warm and intimate atmosphere that will make and come back. A few restaurants in Battle Ground feature live music and friendly service, making it easy to sit back and enjoy yourself.

Battle Ground makes for a calming day trip, away from the business of larger cities and offers a friendly atmosphere curated by its community.

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If you are staying at the Woodland Care Center, why not explore the city itself!

One of Woodland’s most popular attractions are the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens. Hulda Klager began established the gardens by hybridizing lilacs in 1905. By 1920 she had created 14 new varieties, showcasing her lilacs every spring and would eventually develop over 250 varieties. The gardens were organized into a nonprofit foundation in 1976 preserving the gardens for the public today. The gardens contain more than 90 varieties of lilacs, as well as Victorian gardens and farmhouse.

If you enjoy flowers you can also check out the Woodland Tulip Festival! It occurs in April every year for two weeks, with its gift shop offering special items just for the festival.

Visiting the Cedar Grist Mill is like taking a step into the past and boasts beautiful scenery all year around sitting at the bottom of a narrow gorge. This is the only grain grinding mill in Washington that still holds its original structure since 1879. You can venture inside the mill to see how it operates or you can spend time outside for relaxing views of the bridge and stream. The last Saturday of October is its annual Apple Cider Pressing, where you can volunteer to help the mill press all 8,000 pounds of apples.

During the summer, Woodland begins its Hot Summer Nights on the plaza! Here, every Friday night from mid July through mid August, live music starts at 7pm and ends at 9 pm at Hoffman Plaza in Downtown Woodland.

Woodland hosts the Planters Days Festival. This is a four day festival in the middle of June, which celebrates the construction of the dikes along the Columbia and Lewis Rivers preventing the annual flooding in the Woodland area. It hosts different activities and events a multiple locations, including an art walk, parade, fireworks show, a talent contest, and many more! This is an event where everyone in Woodland comes together to celebrate its community and city.

Assisted Living In Vancouver, WA

Vancouver WA   Esther Short Park 01 1

Still, one of the hidden gems of the Northwest, Vancouver, WA is perfect for seniors and younger generations alike. Only 20 minutes away from Woodland Care Center, it offers everything you could enjoy in the next large city, Portland, OR which is 40 minutes away and without the busy city bustle and traffic.

Vancouver has all of the trendy coffee shops, breweries, boutiques, and restaurants you can
imagine but one of the first things you will notice in Vancouver is the beautiful cityscape! Rather being a concrete jungle, Vancouver is adorned with trees, plants, and green lawns throughout
the city which helps maintain its quieter and laid back culture. The people within the community
take themselves less seriously than some residents in Portland, allowing for a more relaxed
community experience without the worry of being given a funny look.

Akin to the Northwest’s reputation of great farmer’s markets, The Vancouver Farmer’s Market is
one of the largest attractions of Southwest Washington. You will get all of what you would
expect in a farmer’s market with over 250 vendors gathering in Esther Short Park selling local
fresh produce, breads and baked goods, flowers, plants, jewelry, candles, etc.

Never short of activities to experience, every first Friday of the month you can explore
Vancouver’s City Center as it hosts an art walk that is filled with creativity, art, and great food.
During the summer months, concerts occupy Esther Park with its Destination Downtown Noon
and Six to Sunset concerts with performances by local and nationally touring bands.

Choosing Woodland Care Center as your home offers an exceptional supportive community and
staff that allows for independent living, assisted living, and nursing care options. Our focuses
are services that replace the hassles of everyday life with convenience so you can spend more
time doing what you want. Woodland, WA is a great location and if you are feeling adventurous
Vancouver is right down the road. It is a great alternative to spending a day in Portland, saving
you the hassle of dealing with crowded events and traffic.

Our loving community is designed especially for seniors who need a helping hand from our professional, caring staff in the privacy of their own residence. Our goal is to help our residents maintain their dignity and their daily activities. Enjoy life worry free at Woodland Care Center!

Woodland Care Center is able to accommodate the changing needs of our clients, and provide varying levels of personal care. We strive to offer an environment in which our residents can remain a valuable member of the community through organized activities and comfortable community space.

5 Star Rating by Medicare!


We are very proud to share that Woodland Care Center has received a five-star rating by Medicare has a one to five star rating system that is gauged by Health & Fire Safety Inspections, Staffing, Quality Measures, and Penalties.

Each category is also given its own one to five rating. Staffing is based on the staff’s hours and hours spent with residents. Quality measures are based on resident assessment that show how well the nursing home cares for its resident’s needs. Penalties record federal fines and payment denials from the past three years. To view the rating and see more detailed information please Click Here To View the Rating.

We hope that this rating helps demonstrate our dedication to provide the best possible quality of life and care to the persons we serve.